Smile Twin e learning programme (STeP)

STeP aims to empower marginalized youth by enhancing their job prospects in the booming service and retail sector s by proving skill based education in tandem with market requirement. The programme aims to provide a better life to the underprivileged youths in the community by making them economically independent.

Components of BITAN STeP Programme

Packages of services

• Basic Computers

• Spoken English

• Personality Development/Life skill education

• Retail/Basic management

• Tally 9

• Reproductive Health rights -Adolescent Reproductive and sexual health, HIV/STI, menstruation health management.

BITAN came up with innovative ideas to give new dimensions to the STeP training.

• Students listen to Shiv khera’s inspirational lectures for getting the right attitude

• Headphones have been introduced where students listen to English learning videos to enhance their listening skills as well as English speaking skills.

• Students give presentation in front of web cam.

• In the Personality Development classes students presents activities like Radio chat show, Boss-Employee role reversal, debate on various social issues.

• Separate classes for Interview preparation

• Installed Typing Master software to increase the typing speed of students.

• One to one counseling for students suffering from any psychological problems.

• Students are trained rigorously even after the completion of the training until they are placed.

• Life skill education to upgrade skills(, leadership skills, goal setting)

Hence the project aims at all round development of the young people who are underprivileged and have little access to quality life.

Future plan

• BITAN STeP centre will run as a model centre.

• The centre will run in an integrated approach mode.

• BITAN STeP Centre will be like 1 stop shop where services like- counseling both psychological and career based, study materials, library facilities will be available.

• Replication of the model in areas where there is lack of opportunity for adolescent under privileged youths.

Support from the community & stakeholders

From BDO, Chairman of municipalities, Panchayat members to Anganwadi workers, their support have always have been with the programme. It is through them that it has been possible to reach out to so many needy underprivileged marginalized youth.

Programme Highlights

• 3 students who left their studies after class 10 more than 8 years on an average are back to mainstream of education.

• Partnership with companies like Future Group, Spencers, Xi Calibre etc for placement of students where students are placed.

• Active involvement of Vice- Chairman, BDO, ICDS workers, Panchayat members in the programme.


Ajmira Khatun

Ajmira Khatun – Hailing from a Muslim family, Ajmira Khatun who is although a Graduate always struggled to find her place and follow her dreams. A fire was always there in her, she always dreamt of being independent women. The only support she had was of her father who is a daily labour and her mother who is a housewife. BITAN STeP centre came as a ray of hope and her dream found wings. After completing the training, she is now working in Big Bazaar (Future Group) at Lake Mall (Kolkata) works in the cash and accounts section and earns 5000/- per month. She is very excited and thrilled to get the job. . She has also been selected as Employee Of The Month (September) and received special recognition from the General Manager of the Mall. Coming from the community where women are always deprived of basic right she stands a position where other girls are looking upto her. She says- “If I would not have come to BITAN STeP centre I would not have found myself.BITAN has helped me find my identity. The job has allowed me to support my family and today my parents are proud of me”. There are people in the community who says odd things about her when she goes out to work but with the support of her family she has no plan to look back.

Sanjeev Mondal

Sanjeev Mondal - When Sanjeev came to STeP centre, he was very depressed as he lost his father in an accident .It happened when he was giving his 12th exam. It was a deep blow to the family from every ways. Suddenly he felt like he has grown up .Although he started his college he felt an urgent need to look for an income source. Scared to interact with people and low confidence were the biggest hindrance factors he faced to earn a living. However, there was a willingness to learn within him and that turned the tide in his favour. BITAN helped him to realize his dreams through the STeP program. Sanjeev became more confident as an individual and cleared his first interview with Big Bazaar; Lake Mall .He currently earns Rs. 4200/- monthly. He has been appreciated innumerous times at work and has been nominated for five times for the Star Employee of the month award. BITAN will always hold a special place in his heart and he strongly believes that the institute has the power to transform an individual’s life.

Sandhya Das

Sandhya Das - When Sandhya lost her father when she was 1 year old. She grew up under the guardianship of her 2 brothers and a doting mother who always encouraged and supported her. She always thought of doing something for her mother who has brought her up with great difficulties. But she did not knew how to do it. BITAN STeP just started then in Budge Budge. The team of BITAN picked her up during mobilization which was organized in her village. She came across as vibrant & enthusiastic and it impressed the team. After successfully completing the training she got placement in Xi caliber as a data entry operator and then gradually promoted as XML designer. She earns Rs 4000/- and gives the entire amount to her mother. Her mother is over the moon to see her daughter playing the role of a son. She was one among two who was selected from BITAN STeP to appear on rainbow FM on the occasion of Youth Day to inspire youths like her, this outing on radio helped her gain a celebrity status in her village. Sandhya is also doing her graduation along with the job as she wants to grow in her career. We are proud of her and wish that she crosses many more milestones.