Our Project


With the introduction of urbanization and sub urbanization, the mass and density of population have increased, especially in the developing countries. In India, where the population have already crossed 120 crores and with a quick boost in urbanization and sub urbanization decay of environment has been a major cause of concern. Gradually, the environmental degradation touched the rural areas, where many industrial establishments are encroaching and consequently increasing the way of urbanization and population increase. Among many aspects of environmental degradation, contagion from waste products (both from industrial and non-industrial wastes) has been a major area of concern. In purview of that, the concept of “Solid Waste Management” emerged.

The project titled ‘Integrated Solid Waste Management in the residential area of PSPD of Tribeni Tissue of ITC’ aims to reduce the environmental degradation caused by solid waste and contribute to soil fertility through enhanced use of organic compost instead of chemical fertilizer. Moreover, the project seeks to ameliorate environmental awareness in the community residing within the factory area and adjacent to it and create scope of employment for them. The proposed activities of the organization are aimed towards the solid waste management.