Our Projects

Basic Health Care & Support Programme:

To improve the health care in the target area and development of a coherent and functional Panchayats and Block health care system with the active involvement of all stakeholders concerned, this programme is implementing in BudgeBudge 1 block of South 24 Pgs. Involving mother, child, adolescents along with marginalized community, the programme is successfully running in a right based approach by which the accessibility of different services after getting the awareness is taking place to a significant extend. Some noteworthy activities under the programme viz. IMNCI training of community mothers, training of ASHAs, Awareness on RSBY and other health & social security schemes, Health Savings, Adolescent nutrition programme including IFA supplementation, Malnutrition Management through strengthening of AWC and home based counseling etc, have impacted a lot over the community

This project gave BITAN the scope to facilitate existing government Health Services under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) following a Life Cycle Approach. Through this, in one hand the existing system is getting strengthened whereas in other hand community is getting aware to the services and their rights to avail them. BITAN is there to make the bridge in that midst by identifying, capacitating and empowering active women’s group who facilitate the whole system along with BITAN. The women’s group in the area act as a change agent and as a pressure ensures the rights of common people in the community which indicates the sustainability of the existing scenario.

Programme Highlights

• BMOH provided IFA & Albendazole for the non school goers under Buita GP.

• RTI screenings have been done under supervision of BMOH by specialized Gynecologist of BPHC.

• 4 Adolescent Groups have been formed who have already taken small initiatives by themselves viz. cleaning of Health-Sub Centre, Road cleaning etc.

• Health Savings have been initiated by some active women group who opened bank accounts for the specific purpose.

• 4 village health committees have been formed among which one have organized a campaign against alcoholism.